GNOM Standard

GNOM Standard

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The Gnom Standard is a basic model of compact ROVs Gnom. It has small size, thin umbilical cable and very high manoeuvring capability which allows operating in hard-to-reach places including inside sunken wrecks.

GNOM Standard

A multi-purpose ROV system Gnom standard has several modifications which can be applied for various underwater survey operations.

ROV technical specifications

  • 3 (4) magnetically coupled thrusters
  • Operating depth up to 120 m, maximal depth 150 m
  • Horizontal speed up to 3 knots
  • Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical cable (3mm), up to 200 m long
  • Color camera Super HAD CCD 1/3", 440K Pixels, 480 TV Lines, 0.5 lux, digital ZOOM
  • 2(4) clusters of ultra-bright LEDs
  • Depth sensor, auto-depth mode
  • Power supply 230VAC or 12VDC, space for battery
  • Total power consumption 200Watt
  • Full system packed in two waterproof cases
  • ROV weight: 3 kg, total system weight: 18 kg
  • ROV dimensions: 310x180x150 mm
  • data display

System basic set

  • Gnom standard submersible (operating depth up to 120m)
  • Umbilical cable, 80m (up to 200 m)
  • Digital compass with the auto-heading mode (option)
  • Depth gauge (autodepth mode)
  • Cable reel (plastic)
  • Surface control/power unit
  • Joystick
  • Cable connectors set
  • Repair kit
  • User's manual

Standard ROV warranty (except connecting cable and propellers) is 1 year (up to 2 years). Time of delivery is 2 – 6 weeks.